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The 6 th Annual Congress 2013

This year we are celebrating in Poland the 10th anniversary of the professional education for lactation consultants. The first course preparing candidates for IBLCE exam we organized in June 2003. The following 2004 year was the year of the great success – the first exam in polish took place and the number of IBCLCs in our country roused from 4 to 48 IBCLCs! Since than the Center for Lactation Science continues organizing such courses, with the effect of 117 IBCLCs and 226 CDLs this year (Certified Lactation Counsellors – polish certificate connected with practical training and exam).

The Center for Lactation Science celebrates this important anniversary during a big conference titled “Breastfeeding – a respect of nature” organized 7-8 June 2013, Hotel BOSS in Warsaw, in cooperation with Polish Association of Lactation Consultants, Medical University of Warsaw, Medical Center “Żelazna”. We have an honour and pleasure to present our special guests: prof. Kersin Uvnas-Moberg from Karolinska Institute of Stokholm, who present her wide knowledge and researches concerning oxytocin, its roles in a normal life, a labour, a first contact between mother and baby and breastfeeding and prof. Paula Meier who share with us her long experiences concerning feeding preemies with mother’s milk and milk engineering. Join us!

The Center for Lactation Science 7th Annual Congress

Mothers milk is a phenomenon of nature – let’s give it to children!

Will be held on May 9th 2014 in Warsaw in Poligonowa 30 Street Conference Center

Congress is co-organized by Medical University of Warsaw

Partnership: Polish Association of Lactation Consultants and Advisors, Association of Castillo Morales Method Therapists, Childbirth with Dignity Foundation, Human Milk Bank Foundation, Together Easier .

Special guests: Professor Peter HARTMANN and Professor Donna GEDDES

Dr Peter HARTMANN is a Professor at The University of Western Australia since 1972 where he has founded the Human Lactation Research Group. Professor Hartmann has been Head of the Department of Biochemistry and a Dean of the Faculty of Science at The University of Western Australia. His researches are oriented mainly on biochemical aspects of human milk production and secretion as also on the mechanisms of infants suction and breastmilk pumping. Professor Hartmann is an author of more than 116 original papers, five book chapters, 27 review papers, 26 conference reports and 134 original abstracts. Up to date, professor Hartmann is part of Editorial Board of the following journals: Breastfeeding Review, Breastfeeding Medicine and International Breastfeeding Journal. In Poland he is known mostly for the Textbook of Human Lactation, Hale Publishing.

Dr Donna GEDDES is an Associate Professor at The University of Western Australia and cooperates with Professor Peter Hartmann in the Human Lactation Research Group. Her research interests are oriented on both anatomical and physiological aspects in the study of breasts during lactation as also on physiology of infants suction with use of her ultrasound skills. Professor Geddes is an Editor of the Australian edition of Journal of Human Lactation and is a reviewer for such journals like, among others, Early Human Development, European Journal of Surgery, Journal of Human Lactation, Breastfeeding Medicine, Breastfeeding Review and Pediatrics.

Lecturers (among others):

mgr Paulina Stobnicka-Stolarska

lek. Monika Żukowska-Rubik

dr n. med. Maria Wilińska






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